Today I visited some people with an uncanny powerful gift of prophecy… If you’re not familiar with the lingo, prophecy refers to a gift some people have of revealing insights from God that they couldn’t possibly know without God revealing it to them before hand…

A bit like words from God’s heart to people’s hearts.

As we arrived in the town somewhat early, my friend Andy and I decided to find a coffee shop. We hunted for one that wasn’t part of a chain and found an independent one that also had an alternative therapy centre offering Raki healing and Physic readings amongst a menu of hundreds of therapies. It also had this amazing heart shaped mirror!


It was fascinating to see how busy it was… As I paid the bill I spoke with the manager and shared with him that I often pray with people for healing in the name of Jesus. The manager then looked at me and said something that surprised me… ‘you have a peaceful face, all over you. You shine from your face and eyes…’ I shared that what he saw was Jesus in me… He then asked me to bless him and his coffee shop. Later on I called in again and offered him a copy of my book ‘Big Hearted.’ He was chuffed as can be.

This encounter encouraged me so much as I’m teaching on a course at the moment with Hitchin Christian Centre called ‘Brighter… A course to help you shine.’

Afterwards my friend Andy and I had a great time at our meeting, the people we met so generously gave to us a suburb lunch and loads of encouragement too. They prayed for us and as we left I felt so much taller and full of strength.

What a beauty of a day!

This is one of the pictures hanging on the wall of one of the guys we met today.


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