So it’s a cold snowy day and I’ve been in the city of Peterborough since early… As I reflect on the day now as I travel home I am struck how much revolves around food and sharing good news!

I’ve just rushed from Subway where a man who I had met only an hour before insisted on buying me a sandwich and eating together. As he munched on his oversized sub with south western sauce dripping all over his hands he spoke with me about wanting a new start… He heard some of my story… ‘That’s what I want!’ He exclaimed. Only an hour earlier this guy had approached me and asked for some help. Completely out the blue. My usual brown hoodie declaring ‘chaplaincy’ wasn’t even on show. He simple approached me and asked for help! Bizarre! Yet after talking for a while he spoke about how it wasn’t a mistake. It turns out we were the only people who had offered to help him when he had needed it most and he had felt compelled to ask.

Earlier in the day I had met for breakfast with some men to talk about the chaplaincy I do and one guy wanted to interview me about it too… This was over a hearty breakfast.

Afterwards stuffed and running a little late I met with a guy who I have been seeking to offer support and encouragement to who has lived in a tent for the past year or so. I was so pleased that we were able to talk and meet (and eat) and also pray together.


So much of what I communicate about Jesus happens over food… While eating and being together something of humanity and vulnerability is shared and in some mystical way the One who declares ‘if you hear me at the door knocking, let me in and we shall have our dinner together and be friends.’ He also shares in our meals and talk of new starts and fresh forgiveness. I love that.

7 thoughts on “Good news and food

  1. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That is why so much Christian men’s work has food in it. It is noticeable how readily people talk around a table. It should not be much of a surprise if you read Luke’s Gospel we often find Jesus around a table

  2. I love it when that happens, it’s sharing in a natural way . Love to see what you get up to Chris, I’m at home most of my days looking after my hubby but I have an evangelists heart . I can’t go out and do what you do but I accept where I’m at for now GOdbless x ps if you can’t remember me we met at redacre

    1. To Yvonne (Jan 18 at 6:10pm) Your comment grabbed my attention; I was my late wife’s Carer for many years and could not go out (except to work) – I’ll pray for you. May God grant to you and your husband all that you need at this time. Bob Askey, a friend of Chris’s.

  3. Isn’t it great the way food opens doors as well as mouths. It’s much easier to listen with your mouthful!
    Just been re-reading Romans for a United service this Sunday, I think 14:2 applies here, “One believes he may eat anything while the weak man eats only vegetables.”

  4. Hi Chris, I only came across your website recently and I shared it with all the girls in my prayer group. One of them had read out your article in a magazine a few months earlier and she made the connection and we know it’s no coincidence that this happened. I was actually looking up some info on the Grace outpouring when I came across your website! Anyway, this email might be long winded but to cut a long story short, do you come out to churches to do training on mission? We all go to Riverside Church in Burton upon Trent in Staffordshire. As a church we are finding lots of doors opening to reach out into schools and different areas of the community and a number of us want to get into the town centre and pour out Gods love and blessing. Riverside was running healing rooms which opened for 3 hours one night a week and people could come to the Church for prayer for healing. This initially seemed to meet a need and was very successful but after a number of years it seems God has other ideas for us. Around the same time that that closed a few of us had a vision to get out on the streets. We have explored healing on the streets but feel that it is not right for our town and can be intrusive and to be honest, freaks people out a bit. We like your style 😉 and wondered if you could share some information or do training on the practical side of this. We are all competely terrified but also completely willing and wanting to make him famous. We have be praying into this for about a year now and feel it is time to take action!! I hope I have made sense and really look forward to your reply! Kind regards, Clare Cormack

    On Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 4:23 PM, be the light

  5. One of the great Greek Philosophers said “Before you eat, first find someone to eat with” but you’d best ask Gaz which one it was! Blessings this day, blessings being like manna & can’t be stored up

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