Seven days into the New Year and I’ve already messed up on my well intentioned goals. I’m doing just fine with one of my resolutions as I’m still enjoying daily reading and listening to the bible. Another 355 days or so and I will have conquered reading the entire bible this year. But it’s the other goals of healthy eating and daily exercise that I’ve been scuppered on. Cycling to the train station on my first day back at work felt great, even when I realised I had forgotten my wallet to pay for the fare. The day afterwards my legs felt all jelly-like and I hobbled around the house as if miming walking with an invisible zimmer. Apparently I looked so pitiful that my wife had mercy on me and gave me a lift to the station for my next day’s work meetings. I must admit I was grateful even though my ‘bike to the station resolution’ lasted 24 hours. I’m determined to cycle again, this time taking my wallet and all.

My resolute no biscuit eating diet fell apart when a neighbour called in for a cuppa and a chat. I justified serving up a plate of Jaffa cakes with the brew as they are quite clearly not labelled as biscuits, and are really mainly fruit – of the orange kind. After munching on one of the zesty forbidden cakes I had a mini-conversation in my head as I tried to pay attention to my neighbour as he spoke about his Christmas family woes. ‘You’ve blown your New Year’s resolution Chris… What are you going to do now hey? You might as well as have another one, or three!’

How are you getting on with your hopes for this year? One goal that I won’t be tempted to break like my ‘biscuit free year’ one is a vision that has excited me for 2013. Whilst I have heard some people describe this year as unlucky for some, I am expectant as to what God wants to do through us as a Baptist family.

I believe that our God longs that we see more of the kingdom of heaven here on earth. Let me reassure you, my optimism isn’t a case of burying my head in the evangelly-cheerful sand while painful job cuts and financial uncertainty plague us. I am certain that the best is yet to come and have faith that our time as a Baptist family to shine even greater in a world that lacks hope, has come.IMG_0032

One goal I hope to see kick started in 2013 is for many more Baptist evangelists and pioneers to be called and trained to reach out to others who haven’t got a clue what it means to be a Christian, let alone a Baptist! I’m not just talking about seeing more accredited evangelists like me, but rather a small army of pioneers who would have the confidence to do new things beyond the fringe of church life and reach out to the 96% of people in the UK who have yet to get to grips with the good news of Jesus.

20121102-223758.jpgImagine if together we could celebrate the last 400 years of Baptist life in the UK by raising up 400 pioneers in the years to come who would creatively reach the lost, last and least. What do you long to see happen this year to change this world for Jesus? I would love to hear your hopes and dreams for 2013. May we expect great things from God and attempt great things for him.

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2 thoughts on “Big hearted vision

  1. This year I have 2 objectives 1 to get my shoulder thawed out so it stops hurting me quite so much and 2 to move from NE England to NE Wales. Not only are my parents not getting any younger but it is scary on your own with family being so far away when you have an arm that is temporarily unusable. I moved north to go to university and now 30 or so years later it is time for me to go back.

    I keep working on loads of ideas that are designed to help others and every time I ask what I am doing wrong for this effort to be so invisible is “when the time is ready I will make you visible”. Gets a bit frustrating at times but I can see the progress I am making so there is some sense in it.

  2. That s great resolution for 2013 and very true speaking we Baptists have lost our salt i mean the taste for it is clearly said if salt loses its taste then it is fit to be thrown out all of us try to get back the lost glory of the BAPTISTS

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