Today I did some creative Christmas outreach with 7 volunteers. 4 of them were not Christians, but non the less they were well up for the task of letting members of the public know something of the Christmas story.

They were brilliant, answered people’s questions as much as they could and when they didn’t know how to answer they asked for help. The four people were all under 18 and they each had a role as part of the evangelism team- giving out gifts and literature when people asked what we were doing or standing guard over an empty travel cot. When people asked what we were doing they replied: ‘we are waiting for a king to be born!’ When others asked when or why they replied: ‘the king will be born on Christmas Day!’ They were brilliant as part of my team and if there was any part of the scene or story they didn’t understand they asked me or one of the team who were familiar with the Christian understanding of the Christmas story. After an hour we decided to pack up, one of the teenagers was pregnant and got fairly cold. We wanted to look after her as much as possible too! In our debrief they spoke of how good it was doing the outreach… They learnt something of the christian faith in the process.


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