I’m nearly home from a day in Chester visiting The Light Project in Chester, the charity that I founded nearly 13 years ago.

It was an exciting day for me. I was there to introduce a guy whom I had met in Peterborough who subsequently had become a Christian and is considering training in Theology and how he may serve as a minister. What makes the whole connecting even more so incredible is that the guy I’m introducing didn’t become a christian from a typically conventional background, yet he has had a powerful encounter with God and his whole life has rather dramatically changed… Encouraging to say the least.

The link between the East if England and the North West is also one that makes me chuffed as I have sought to replicate in Chester in other places… I feel honoured to pioneer something new, as well as see more and more pioneers and evangelist equipped to go and bring good news in a way people can connect with.

What has also encouraged me no end is seeing the depth of the team who train in Cheater and reach out to people creatively with good news. I spent some of the morning in worship and prayer with them and just thought- wow!


One thought on “Training pioneers and evangelists

  1. At Glyn’s very kind invitation I joined with the Scots Invest team for some of their Remembrance weekend training and more recently for The Light Project Chapel. Wholeheartedly endorse your comment Chris about the depth of the team in Chester. Love it. I feel inexorably drawn into this loving Christ-centred community – oddly just as The Lord directs my steps into a Mission-calling into Mid Wales…

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