I’ve had another fun packed day of meeting people, I feel slightly pooped as I sit on the train and reflect on my day. I’ve spent time with all kinds of people, some who have become friends and others who were strangers.


The conversation that stands out from the day happened ‘by chance.’ As I walked along the street with one of my volunteer chaplains giving out cakes, a lady ahead of me dropped her shopping list but didn’t realise. I picked it up and ran after it. She was happy I had found it and explained it was her Christmas list. I joked with her and asked if it was for Father Christmas. I then explained a little about my role and what I did as a chaplain and offered that I could pray for her if she would like. She looked at me in disbelief and tears started to fill her eyes.

Please pray for peace of mind.

She desperately asked. I reassured that I would and also shared peace with her. I love my job. What a privilege.

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