Six years ago I spent time praying for my five year old son that somehow I could get a drum kit for him. He loved bashing and drumming anything whenever he could and even bath time as a toddler was full of singing and clapping. So I was bowled over when a friend mentioned that they were throwing out an old drum kit and did I knew anyone who wanted one…

Six years on and those prayers are still being answered as my son was given a new drum kit, a professional one, passed on by a friend who was waiting and praying to see who he should give it to. On meeting my son he was certain that it was for him!


So today I saw the second stage of answered prayer… Love it. No wonder Jesus teaches that when we ask whatever we wish we receive it for the glory of God and there is a shed load of joy mixed in. I am so blessed by the way my heavenly dad gives, even when I don’t expect it.

2 thoughts on “Six years on and my prayers are answered again…

  1. Fab…Heavenly dad and earthly dad sharing in big blessings – and your son gets to grow in his gifting too. Just love our God 🙂

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