I spoke this morning at the West of Cambridge churches gathering… My topic, Big Hearted God.

What a stark contrast from last Sunday where I offered prayer for healing and was literally inundated. I long to bring some of that fresh faced faith that I saw in India, a burning desire for Kingdom and urgency in people meeting with God, right in the heart of what I do. I know it’s not down to me, yet I long to be willing… Don’t get me wrong, this morning was brilliant, a feat to bring so many churches and denominations together but my taste of India (sounds like a restaurant) makes me hungry for more of God, more of his power. May that be…


4 thoughts on “Big hearted God

  1. So many of us have lost that hunger because we are so comfortable. Yet there there is a world in agony that we in our comfort cannot see.

    God open our eyes to see what you want us to see in the communities around us. God give us your strategies to meet the needs of those around us. Strengthen us and provide us with everything that we need to do ALL that you want us to do. Heal and restore us so that the things that once held us back become the battle scars and stories that we can use to help and encourage others. As for me keep on pushing me to make progress and make sure that stay on track.

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