Day seven in Kolkata, my last here. And while I’m excited to see Ruth and the children tomorrow, I’m sad to say goodbye to such an interesting city! It really is without exception the most vibrant place I have been to. I have met the most extraordinary people serving Jesus in different ways and have been humbled by what I have seen… In the week I had a vivid dream where I literally grew 2 or 3 inches taller! Being a rather slight chap, this dream seemed bizarre. I have met the most beautiful people in the slums, children on the streets or schools, I have received so much and been added to in the most extraordinary way. I return having grown in my faith and life experience. Witnessing the vibrancy of different mission work has been life changing. The BMS action teamers have blessed me so much by their devotion and the brave way they have coped being dropped in the deep end of new experiences and mission.

Today has been like the others, full of life! Alongside fellow baptist ministers Andy Baker and Kwame Adzam I taught a gathering of baptist ministers from the Bengali Baptist Association.

I spoke on evangelism, Andy on giving and Kwame on the Spirit. It was a vibrant time, new to many of them and yet they participated in the demonstrative way Kwame led them in prayer.

Yet today at the airport has been the highlight for me. I know it must sound like I’m a right saddo to enjoy departure lounges and queues but let me explain: I met 3 people separately, who each told me after talking with them that ‘God has sent you to me.’ One guy asked me whether I knew God could forgive him if he asked for forgiveness. He had been troubled by some things he had said and done and wanted to know! I sat with him behind the counter in his airport shop sharing faith. I offered him my bible which he received with such thankfulness. What an honour! We went through the bible and he marked at the beginning of Marks gospel where he could start to learn about the life of Jesus. A precious moment. ‘God sent you to me today.’

An older business man spoke with me asking where I was going. We shared stories and he asked me about what I did. He had a staff of 900 workers in his business and it seemed to me that he was a man of integrity. I encouraged him and shared the story of Jesus meeting Nathaniel, a man full of truth! When it was time for me to board my plane he stood up and shook my hand and declared ‘God sent you to me today.’ He even gave me his business card and asked me to visit sometime!

The third man searched me out as earlier before security I had offered to pray for him and he had just said ‘yes please.’ On our second meeting he came and sat next to me and said that be didn’t quite understand my offer of prayer before but now realised what it meant and asked me if I could pray for his family. ‘God has sent you to me today…’ Wonder whether God’s trying to tell me something.




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