Day six in Kolkata and as I gulped down a beaker of freshly made warm soya milk standing in one of the slums of a Darlit community in Kolkata I’ve been reminded of that famous verse in Deuteronomy 26.9 where God promises his people a land flowing with milk and honey.

As I enjoy the milk I hear about Kolkata city mission which was set up 3 years ago by a pioneer evangelist called Shaji, and in that short time has already seen some slum communities hear, see and embrace good news through novel community based projects that have empowered the people living there. He’s the kind of guy that seems to have a knack of making something out of nothing, then multiplying it.

I appreciated the milk as I had just arrived from another slum where I walked into what looked like a large shed and was surprised to be greeted by 30 or so children who shouted ‘good morning sir!’ These children received nutritious soya milk every day from the place I stood with mine.

As we talked about the processes and the people involved and some of the stories of new hope in a desperate village one of my colleagues comments, ‘I see such dignity in the women who work here.’ Kolkata city mission’s slogan is

‘Live in dignity.’



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