Day 2 of my visit in Kolkata…
I spoke today at a service for a few minutes at ‘Big Life’ and had an interpreter who translated into Hindi. I invited people to come for prayer at the end of the service for healing… I thought that maybe one or two people might but I was swamped!

Parents brought children as well as asking for miracles for themselves!

It was the most humbling experience as people gathered round full of expectancy for God to meet with them through prayer. People asked for prayer for abscesses, frozen shoulders, back problems, diabetes, sore legs, chest pains, tumour and fevers.

I prayed for so many people: the ones that stand out are the lady with a painful, possibly broken wrist, but I couldn’t work out whether it was broken or not. Her wrist was completely restored and she was able to bend it- she then joined me in prayer for healing for a young girl who had painful legs. Afterwards with a big smile the girl told us that the pain had gone.

A lady also had pain in her legs and as I prayed for her she spoke of the pain lifting.

The most touching time of prayer was for one of the leaders of an organisation in Kolkata called Free-set. She is part of a team that rescue children and woman who are trapped in the sex industry in Kolkata. They then house and give jobs to these women who make crafts and clothing that is then fairly traded. The lady who asked for prayer told me that unless a miracle was to happen a baby just born to one of their workers would die. Tomorrow is the day they need to talk to the hospital about stopping the life support machines as scans showed there isn’t any sign of life in the brain of the baby. They are desperate for a miracle. As we prayed I couldn’t help but weep as we cried out to God… And then the most beautiful presence and power of God fell upon us. It was incredible to see how the power of God was poured out upon this lady. Please pray for the little baby and the miracles needed, also for the people I shall meet this week and for God’s love to be shown through signs and wonders.

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