So, the big hearted tour goes to India this week. I’m expectant as to what I will learn and receive from how Christians in Kolkata show and share their faith, but I’m also anticipating sharing something that I’ve got too.

I’m going with BMS world mission, a group of people serving others worldwide in the most unexpected of places… Often places where the christian faith isn’t. One of the people I shall work alongside this week is Benjamin Francis, a dynamic evangelist who many in the UK have said that I’m his English equivalent! Having had a brief encounter with him that’s a bit of a compliment I reckon, rather than a comment on my goatee and belly. (He also sports a handsome goatee.)

Having spent the first day getting to see the city and walking the streets and taking in the sights and smells, I know I am in for a treat.

The poverty is overwhelming and not being able to communicate using the language humbling. A woman walked with me for half a mile or so carrying her baby. She asked and asked and asked some more for money. I didn’t have anything to give. It was humbling as she stuck so close and glue-like walked with me thinking I had money to give. In the end I simply looked at her and prayed over her and her child. I had nothing else to give.

Then I was reminded by something my son who is 11 said to me offering advice for my week here:

‘Dad, you don’t have money and things to give but what you do have is Jesus.’


2 thoughts on “An Indian Big Hearted Tour

    1. Yep- spot on! It’s a hard one as I Cant give money and stuff- maybe I shall pass on some shirts and things when I go but apart from that I haven’t got anything else to give other than Jesus. Tough one when you can’t make yourself understood as well!

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