I’m on my seventh Big Hearted Tour and having a whale of a time… I love the creativity and diversity of this year’s tour as President of the Baptist Union of great Britain. In each of the events I speak to different audiences in different ways, be it cream teas with the over 65’s or youth events for the under 20’s. Last night I spoke at a beautiful Jamaican Restaurant in Bristol. The food was amazing and the company too, a mix of emerging leaders and the good and the great from West of England Baptist Association. After a hearty dinner of Jerk chicken and goat curry I shared some stories… I love my job.

One thought on “Goat curry and story telling

  1. Hi Chris, was led very strongly to pray for you early yesterday morning. Met a man called Martin & he used to and soon will live again in Peterborough. He’s seen you on the streets there. Told him to look you up when he returns to Peterborough and to say ‘Hi’ from me. Look out for him. He’s tall.

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