So here I am on the train back home thinking about the weekend just passed, I’ve got an extra shot of espresso in my coffee and a 50 minute journey to reflect and jot down some observations. I’ve been in two different areas of the South West-Wellington and Torquey. Both events had a focus on outreach into their communities, a desire to let those who haven’t got a clue about the Christian faith an opportunity to connect with the message.

Much of the past 48 hours has had an emphasis on training- getting people to have a go and do something new. For me, I also did something new in the way I delivered the training: in Wellington as part of thinking through how members of the public may feel entering a hard to look into building I sent the church members off to place a bet in one of their towns bookies. Alongside this we had such fun meeting people and giving away gifts from the church. A novel experience for most of those who joined the training!

I also dared to do something unusual in both places- to lead teams of Baptists in prophetic evangelism through the growing phenomenon of Treasure Hunting. It’s unusual in as much that many Christians believe in a God who speaks and likes communicating with his creation, but to put that into action is another thing all together!

Furthermore none of the groups I trained had actually done anything like it before and while nervous were willing to give it a try and see what happened. I won’t pretend that it wasn’t difficult and that people were somewhat terrified, yet much to the surprise to some of those who joined me they met people who 1: were chuffed to hear good news. 2: wanted some prayer and 3: learnt that God knows them inside and out and cares for them deeply.

I also did something new this weekend. I joined a large team from Upton Vale Baptist Church on their Saints on the Street outreach. For those of you who don’t know St. St. it is a Sunday ‘out there’ church activity showing and telling something of the good news of the Christian Message. The thing is I didn’t plan this event, I joined it, an activity that the Church has been doing over a year every fortnight to meet people in their community.

Refreshing- church looking out.

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3 thoughts on “Church looking out

  1. Hi Chris,
    Wanted to say thank you for comIng to Torquay this weekend, you are a true inspiration and so full of the holy spirt that it overflows with enthusiasm, it’s a wonderful attribute and one which I inspire to have just a small part of.
    I attended the training in the afternoon and really enjoyed the time spent, especially the excersise we did with the paper on our backs and other people writing, what they think our attributes and gifts were, I was really suprised at the things written on my bit of paper and felt lifted!!
    I really sorry I was unable to be part of and attend the treasure hunt (due to family commitment) but am so much looking forward to being out on the street with the team next time.
    God Bless you Chris

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