You may have missed it so here’s a small contribution to the most, in my opinion, powerful story to come out of London this weekend.

I stumbled across this fascinating story in the back pages of this Sunday’s Observer, only because I asked a fellow passenger on the flight to Portugal if I could borrow their paper.

Amazing powerful symbol

I’m so pleased I did as after the swaths of Olympic news is a story of a group of teenagers from a Tottenham based church who created some striking T-shirts embroiled with the word SORRY.

They visited cafes and businesses and behalf of their generation apologised for the looting and rampage of last summer which many of their school friends were involved in.

They offered cup-cakes and gifts, even calling into a local police station to give an apology and while they made it clear they were not themselves involved and responsible their apology was on behalf of their generation.

What a powerful symbol.

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