I’m sitting here on the train… A long journey back home, non stop on the same train from Leuchers near St Andrew’s to Peterborough. 5 hours to reflect upon the few days I’ve had hanging out at CLAN, the New Wine Scotland gathering of around 2500 people.

Without a doubt amongst all the amazing times talking to lots of different groups the one that stands out is meeting a young man called Jack.

He gave me the biggest hug you could imagine while I was out on the streets of St Andrew’s giving FREE HUGS. He asked what I was doing and I explained that I was seeking to share something of the love of God with people. “There is no God, and no one will ever convince me otherwise,” he confidently declared. I didn’t respond but rather asked him about his life and what he did for a living. Jack spoke about his some ups and downs and after asking him why he was visiting he said that his girlfriend had invited him to CLAN! I asked whether they would visit the big tent where the big band lead the sung worship. I was surprised to then hear that they were visiting the youth event… Where I was the speaker for the night!

I simply asked him if he would be kind enough to tell me what he thought about my talk afterwards. He said he would, but to be honest I didn’t believe him! After my talk which was themed ‘Receiving and speaking’ I joined the youth leaders and prayed for lots of young people to be filled with the Holy Spirit. As I was just finishing up Jack came up to me, gave me a big hug and said “we need to talk!” we walked and talked across the CLAN camp and he spoke about the talk and ‘being blown away’ and ‘feeling God.’ We ended up in the speakers lounge where I asked him whether he wanted to become a Christian. He said yes and asked what he had to do. I explained what it meant to be a Christian, believing in the gift of Jesus for our sins, turning from all that we know to be wrong and making Jesus number one in our lives.

“I want to give this a shot,” he said and we prayed. Jack prayed for the first time in his life out loud and asked God to forgive him and help him to forgive those who had hurt him. Jack asked the Holy Spirit to come and live in him. His prayer was ‘colorful’ and from the heart! It was just amazing to sit with him and pray for him…

One of the things that had spoken to Jack was that he said when he strongly declared that ‘there is no God’ I hadn’t battered an eyelid! This had spoken to him. 3 hours later he decided to become a Christian.

3 thoughts on ““There is no God” he declared. 3 hours later he prayed to become a Christian…

  1. Makes the lonely journey all the way to the wilds beyond civilization seem worth while. What an awesome God, and to know He is on our side!

  2. Hi Chris, I’m glad God healed your eye cos a little lad prayed for you and I’m glad the man called Jack can see cos you prayed for him. Two sparrows God saw and touched, to make them whole again, to soar with His praises in the sky. Bob A.

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