So here I am travelling up to St Andrews to join the Scottish New Wine Gathering called CLAN (it’s not as Brave-heart as it sounds, it stands for Christians Linked Across the Nation, less sword fighting and more worship and teaching…)

I’m travelling alone as I have friends there that I’m staying with. Indeed the chairperson of the whole thing is an old friend and amazing Trustee of The Light Project. As with most things in life it’s who you know that brings opportunities in life!

I’m reflecting on how I get to places. It’s a bit of a forced contemplation really as I’m sandwiched between the window and a passenger bedded down with a chunky novel and a large hand bag of supplies. I’ve tried talking but my Chit chat is as welcome as a bowl of chilies on a hot day. (it feels a bit naughty writing all this sat next to the person I’m mentioning!)
Last weekend around London I traveled everywhere on the Big Hearted Tour with my friend and fellow baptist minister Jon Edwards. Two weeks before I traveled with a friend Dev Kruck who chauffeured me everywhere as we hopped from event to event with the Southern Counties Big hearted foray. Before that I had two other travel buddies who drove me and supported me: Prospective Baptist minister Joel Mercer and Baptist minister of Mill Road in Cambridge Daniel Hatfield. They were equally as amazing. They set up the book table, sold books and prayed for me too. All my travel buddy’s gave great support and feedback on talks and on some occasions also spoke and shared in the teaching.

So, what’s the point of this blog? As I travel for a few hours on a train sitting to an elderly lady with her nose in a book, I’m wishing I had a travel buddy… It just seems biblical to travel with at least one other…No wonder Jesus sent out his first friends two by two.

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