A couple of months ago one of my volunteer chaplains, a lady who took a day off work from Cambridge University, joined me to serve on the streets of Peterborough. She came up with the idea of ‘postcards from heaven’ a simple way to encourage people and bring something of  ‘good news’ written down on a postcard! Click here for the  original blog.

In a nutshell, my volunteer chaplain ( whose name is Jenny) in the course of talking to people and handing out these postcards offered to pray for a person she met on the streets to which he agreed and then promptly fell over in front of her. He shook and groaned and looked terrified….(so much so a member of the public asked whether they could call an ambulance!) 

Today he brought his cousin along to meet me for ‘an experience’ and asked if he could also meet with God in the same way. He kept talking of his encounter of meeting with God on the streets… carefully explaining what happened to his cousin. Since that encounter he has decided to become a Christian (we prayed for him a couple of weeks ago) and he was now excited to own a Slovak bible which we sat and read together in the cafe and looked up different verses. He was blown away by it! As we sat in the cafe we prayed together and I asked for God to meet with them and look after them. They didn’t fall off their chairs but were very happy to be prayed for!

What do I make of this strange encounter this young man had on the streets? It was, to him, a sign and a wonder that God was with him and loves him. The fruit from that encounter is that he has become a Christian.

Now, that is good news. 

4 thoughts on “The story of the man who met with God on the streets of Peterborough continues…

  1. “Meeting with God.” This seems to be the operative phrase here! Thanks for sharing this wonderful and mysterious story. Sadly, we just go through the routines and don’t expect the miraculous to happen.

    You and your co-workers have been given a blessed and distinct gift here – the man returns, the man brings his cousin, he now has a Bible in his own language, you are able to share the Bible with him. It is a glorious enfleshment (pre-enactment) of Ps.16’s table for two: verse 8 – God is at my right hand: verse 11 – I am at God’s right hand.

    Keep sharing the Word – and sharing your blog posts.


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