So, I’m on the Big Hearted Tour on the South Coast. It’s been a good full on couple of days so far mixed with speaking and training engagements as well as a healthy dose of getting out into the communities with some good news.

This Tesco express was more or less opposite Westbourne Baptist Church. A supermarket in an old chapel… Commercialism in a shell of an old religion. I’m not one to harp on about the shame of commercial industries taking over church buildings or the tragedy of residences in old chapels but this picture spoke to me about the need for evangelism in the UK.

You see, people just don’t ‘get it’ and its not the fault of the majority of people in the UK. The message of Jesus hasn’t been heard as it hasn’t been spoken.

7 thoughts on “If there ever is a picture that epitomises the desperate need for evangelism, it is this…

  1. This year I have been invited to two funerals for Baptist churches. I knew the members of each of them and had even once been a member of one of them. I left because I had to make a fresh start away from my ex-husband. At one stage he was regularly visiting the shop where the church secretary worked and talking to his friends so that she could not avoid overhearing his stories. I will always be thankful for the way they tried to protect me but I could not stay there and let them get hurt and now the church has closed.

    Keeping a church open is more than just evangelism. It is about having good shepherds who can truly care for the flock and even manage them well. It was the lack of good shepherds that really killed off the church I left. This issue has also caused problems with the church I moved to. We need shepherds like you Chris who will help bring in new sheep and help the existing sheep bring in new sheep. We also desperately need shepherds who will care for the existing sheep and help them disciple the new sheep. Shepherds also desperately need under-shepherds that they can trust to help them share the load.

    A long time ago i went on holiday to Turkey and I saw people living in shanty huts on the side of the road. I said Lord what can I do to help these people. The answer was do what I have called you to do. Think about it. We are all called to a specific purpose if we do not fulfil our individual purpose then there will be a piece missing from the jigsaw and the picture can never be completed. It is the responsibility of every Christian to find where they fit into the picture and do what they have been called to do to the best of their ability. For some it will be evangelism that will pull at their heart and drive them into outreach. For others it will be seeing poverty or families breaking apart etc. Whatever it is if we all play our part then God will have the hands and feet that He needs to get the job done.

  2. I think the message of Jesus has actually been spoken by faithful disciples – but they’ve been speaking largely to themselves in a language nobody else understands. And it’s the language that’s the problem because a lot of Christians resist the essential reimagining of the gospel that needs to happen because it will involve ditching some misleading beliefs that they think are central. 

  3. Chris – I know you don’t get to choose which adverts are stuck at the bottom of your articles. But the ‘Impulse’ ad I saw was quite fun – see it here – I was taken with the last line in the ad: ‘a fragrance so captivating that you won’t need words’ – I actually wondered if you had linked to it deliberately!

  4. I listen to Premier Christian Radio and U C B. They have programmes preceded by a statement saying” this program may not reflect the views of all Christians” I believe that “the church” is so concerned with presenting a united, and stable front, with set ideals, that we lose contact with the present, fast moving world, and real issues. We need to set up “God Express” not Tesco Express. Where ideas flow, are argued, discussed, and improved on.God wants us to grow, and that cannot happen in a stale environment. Street preaching is the original idea of “the church” encompassing everyone. Walls can only create exclusivity. So, let us re-invent our churches, so we can have the big churches for Sunday worship, and have “God Express” or maybe “Express Jesus” to be more accurate, units on high streets with cafe culture, internet,wifi, big screen tv’s, music, live, or radio maybe, and make ourselves open for business!

  5. “…It hasn’t been spoken.” More and more, this is brought home to me. I have been doing volunteer chaplaincy in nursing homes for over 20 years. And there is still that startled look on 90-year-old-faces – “you mean that was God in the manger at Bethlehem?”. We just presume that folks in the “west” have heard the good news…

    Keep up the good work.

    Greetings from the U.S.

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