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Here is one of my article’s from Christian Today.

Have you ever tried just giving away something for free? You might be surprised by the response.

Chocolate box evangelism
A few weeks ago some friends and I asked God a question: ‘What 10 shops or people can we bless this afternoon?’ We bought 10 milk tray boxes of chocolates and had a desire on our hearts to simply give them away, without any lengthy explanation or long winded writing of messages. Who was it that God wanted us to reach out with a symbol of grace?

The 10 reactions were all very different. Some wanted to know what the catch was; others thought it was some kind of set up or dare. Geoff was quite tearful as we passed on a box to him with our love for his wife, who was due to be in hospital the following week. He had…

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  1. Hello Chris!
    Paul wanted to write something to you but it was difficult on my phone.
    Regards from your family in Sweden
    Cheers Nella

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