It’s Sunday morning and it is wet. Really wet. I’m leading an eager and dedicated team from my church in Biggleswade… We had lots planned which required a degree of sunshine and warmth to get the people out! A maze with treasure in the middle, big games and a ‘slow race’ to the theme tune of chariots of fire. Yet we still cracked on and I sent small teams out to offer gifts and a couple of the guys took their car and visited all the local car wash places to offer the workers chocolates and an offer of prayer.
I realise most of my posts contain good news and sunshine… So one with rain where it was a bit hard to communicate with people is important to record. Most of the time we stood around getting wet.
Yet we still were able to give out battons of good news, like in a relay and we also offered copious amounts of pastries with an offer of prayer.
Even though our enthusiasm was dampened it was still good to be out and about… We had some good conversations about good news and got to pray with some people too. Indeed right at the start as I’m setting up a guy who has biked all the way from Cambridge asks what I’m doing. He listens intently and says: ‘what a great idea!’ I also offer him a batton and say that it is a reminder to him that there is a God and that he is loved by God. The man is touched by the gesture and thanks me for passing on some good news.
Worth getting soaked for…
Josh who joined in this morning wrote this about his experience: 
“Didn’t get to report back because we were still giving out donuts and praying for people at the care home at 12 but despite the sogginess it went really well! Matt and I started at the train station and gave donuts to a good number of people, though quite a few didn’t want a donut but were interested to know why we were giving out free donuts! Once everyone had got on their train and the next one wasn’t for ages we headed back to town, up to this point no-one wanted prayer but on leaving the train station we met a lady who did, who we prayed for later. At Matt’s suggestion we then headed to the care home, and the lady who met us at the door was kind enough to introduce us to everyone at the home! We gave a donut (or three!) and prayed for most of them. It was an amazing experience to listen to them, laugh and pray with them. One lady in her 90s said she couldn’t remember the last time she had eaten a donut! All in all – I’m very glad I picked up my cagoule this morning, we started with 40 donuts and were left with just 4, and we gave our good news relay batons away too! Really hope the people we met today will know God’s love for them more and more!”

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