I drew this picture while sitting in the council meeting, a gathering of 150 or so baptist representatives to seek direction and the way forward as we grapple with the Baptist Union having depleted funds. Cuts need to be made and restructuring inevitable.

As I drew my picture I thought about where we take our direction…

3 thoughts on “Baptist Union Future

  1. A long time ago we Christians got so frightened by the warnings of being greedy that we started to think that making money was not a good idea. Now the church is groaning under the strain of thousands of members who have been so warned away from making money that they have never bothered to learn how. I have been re-reading a book by a Nigerian man who set up a fast growing church in Ukraine. The book is called Money Won’t Make You Rich and the author is Sunday Adeleja. His message is that Christians need to be taught both to make money and develop a right relationship with money. Then the church will have enough money to do all it needs to do on a local, regional and national basis. Enough to feed the poor, provide rehab for the drug addicts and alcoholics etc plus keep the buildings open to train people to go out and reap a harvest of souls Money is only a tool. We have forgotten how to increase it because we are frightened of having too much. Now we don’t have enough. God help us.

  2. Thank You Lord…after all He is the one who owns it all! In my experience He always resources His Plan..maybe it’s time to return to being “radical” believers who live by Faith, not by fear. As a Baptist minister in training My wife and I live by Faith; no stipend and no pension… However a completely secure future dwelling in the great provider. Thank You that we have an awesome God!

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