There are some things that I program into my diary that should in theory help me grow as a Christian and help me learn new stuff. What I do is set aside a day of prayer a month but also schedule to meet up with other like-minded people to speak into my life. Call it networking if you like.

I also meet with a mentor every few months. This week I met with him on Monday in London. A challenging time which I described to my friend down the pub like having open-heart surgery of the soul as we spoke deeply as to how I was doing and also looked at my Personal Vision Statement. We also spoke at some length about what I felt God teach me and wanted to do over the coming few months. My mentor shared with me a vision/picture he had which he felt God had showed him to share with me. Powerful stuff.

Today I linked up with a friend in Norwich for lunch. A time for me to learn about ‘healing rooms’ and find out more about what goes on in the city. As we prayed and drove back to the train station to drop me off my friend also had a picture… One of a key given to me, placed into my hand. It was in relation to a particular prayer request which I won’t share here, but it is worth saying that it was something troubling me non-the-less.

An hour later and as I ponder the picture travelling back home I flick through the photos on my phone deleting some old ones. I forgot I had this one, taken at Easter, randomly… I think God may be saying something.

3 thoughts on “God speaks…

  1. The God who still speaks today, is the same God that no matter what, no matter when, no matter how many times, is STILL on my side.

  2. This reminds me of a story I heard recently, of a member of the underground church handing the key to their underground meeting room to a minister to display, reminding us of our freedom to worship as Christians and to remember those in less “free” countries in our prayers. Forgive me for not remembering the source of this story, but the message stays the same.

  3. hummm…… you think?? I love it when God does this, sends the same message in many different ways, and some bits of the message He gives even before it’s needed!

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