So, how does The Light Project manage to do what it does?! We rely on gifts. Today I had a meeting with a long term supporter of the charity that I founded 12 years ago. Gary Grant of The Entertainer Toy Shops supports a small number of charitable trusts in the UK and we are blessed to be one of them. In the foyer of his offices I was greeted by the telly tubbies!

He not only has helped us financially over the years but also through offering cracking advice, wisdom on how to do stuff better… My passion for multiplication of The Light Project has been in part fueled by his passion to see more and more people get and connect something of the Christian faith. I wanted to connect with him today as one of my supporters to bring good news of my role in the Baptist Union and some materials that I have had published recently.

So, how do I do what I do? People ask me all the time: ‘who funds your role?’ People who want to support me do so via The Light Project and I receive monthly financial support from a number of individuals which contributes towards my salary. A few businesses and a handful of churches also commit to helping me in my role as an evangelist. I also receive some grants, such as a small Baptist home mission grant and one from Network Peterborough in support of my role as city centre chaplain.

I’m always looking to develop the work of The Light Project and if you would like to support me please do get in touch and I can let you know how. I have a vision to set up 2 new Light Projects over the next 12 months and need funding for these to get ‘kick started’ over 3 years.

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