It’s Sunday morning and I’m getting stranger looks than usual, perhaps it’s because I’m carrying a massive 7foot cross made out of Canvases across the city center to meet up with some volunteers. On this morning I want to engage with people about prayer. There are three prayer stations that I’m setting up:

  1. A prophetic prayer type one where we write a prayer for people and tie it onto a candle.
  2. A non-confrontational ‘write a prayer and post it in the post box. 
  3. A ‘write up’ anything we can pray for you on a big prayer wall/cross.

After a couple of hours we touch base as a team. We’ve prayed for healing for 3 people, around 30 have written up some prayer requests and 3 people have posted asking for prayer in the post box. It has been a bit more ‘in yer face’ as a way of connecting something of the gospel, but it seemed to work in some way… one young lady said, ‘ you have made me so happy, I feel so much peace.’ 

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One thought on “Need prayer?

  1. I like you choice of shop to stand outside. A faith perspective does provide a new horizon.

    There again I did not expect to get my bag back. It arrived back from London this morning 2 weeks and 7 1/2 hours after i did. Most of the non-edible contents were returned with it. No travel tickets. Somewhere there is someone who got a Baptist Assembly lanyard. the wrong way.

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