I had a bit of an impromptu meet-up with Baptist minister Paul Unsworth today on Brick Lane London.

I was spending the day in prayer with my colleague Glyn Jones from The Light Project Chester when I had a thought that I needed to contact Paul to see what he’s up to and to explore whether The Light Project could support him in any way… I had also heard about Paul’s vision of a cafe church and his call to be out and about in the midst of thousands of people on a Sunday morning who wouldn’t consider going to a church service.

What I found was a vibrant Brick lane community in two halves, alternative and somewhat bohemian on one half and majority Bangladeshi on the other. There were colorful alternative shops and art on every street corner. We had a treat when we met random people from all over the world. As Paul showed us around Brick Lane we just seemed to meet people and were able to offer prayer for one guy’s family who was visiting from Germany.

Paul and his friend Andy invited Glyn and I for a curry and we spent an hour or so talking different ways of evangelism and how to show the love of God to people right in the hubbub and business of the restaurant.

When it came to pay the bill the extent of Paul’s big-heart was evidenced by the kindness replicated by the restaurant staff. They gave us 20% off.

I hope in my Presidential year that I may visit again on one Sunday to work alongside Paul and his small team to show and share the love of God with the 20,000 plus visitors who visit Brick Lane every Sunday…

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