I’ve just spent an hour or so google eyed at all the resources available out there for Christians. The range is extensive: from new chairs to puppets, bibles to cars, there was literally 101 different products available at the international Christian resources Exhibition at Sandown Park.

It wasn’t the desire to check out new church seating that attracted me to this day however, rather an opportunity to share something very important to me: being big hearted. I had an hour to share with around 50 people in a seminar what I believe it means to ‘live a big hearted life.’ I spoke on 1. The unique way we can all do evangelism 2. The creative ways in which we can connect the good news 3. That it needs to flow from our devotion to Jesus 4. That we simply need to love people. 5 We have the presence of God with us and flowing through us that touches people’s lives. 6. We need to keep it simple. I shared the story of my friend Glyn who had a complete stranger approach him and said: ‘there is a God and He loves you.’ This message saved his life…

I can’t wait to share more stories of what it means to live a big-hearted life!

4 thoughts on “I’ve got a carrier bag full of leaflets, free tea bags, promo dvd’s and a free mug…

  1. Keep sharing and yes, thanks for the reminder Chris… let’s keep it simple, as sometimes we can get the good news mixed up with doctrine stuff… 😦

  2. Was really inspired by your seminar yesterday – have been telling everyone to get your book and check out your website and blogs.

  3. Thanks for a wonderful london convention, came back enthused and had arranged to gave an evening REPORT back and try to pass on some of what I felt to our members and others who might attend. But when I asked when BU would have a DVD available I was told you don’t DO one and never have.
    OK I’ll get by, but considering the wonderful filming and graphics we all enjoyed on screen, and the total amount of filming that was done, at some cost I expect, what a shame we dont spread DVD copies to all baptist churches to show what the BUGB is all about.

    Considering the change we are trying to make locally I found the conferance (FRI SAT anyway) a bit like “”Souls surviver for adults”” and wanted to show our church members how change in ways of worship are happening AT THE TOP as it were because we are having a lot of resistance from our older longer serving members who want the same old!

    Quite a lost opportunity me thinks?

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