I’m just back home from a weekend in Edinburgh working with a Presbyterian church of Scotland called Barclay View Forth. What blew me away was the enthusiasm of those who took part despite it being a completely new thing to ‘go out’ and share faith with people in their community.

I also enjoyed meeting loads of people and sowing something of the best news we have been graced with. I met such a variety of people in the city, from business men to people who were homeless.

Last night in the Chinese take away I felt God speak about car troubles and worries for the lady working in the shop. I spoke with her about what was on my heart and she shared her concerns about her driving test and the needs she had for transport. She was encouraged.

2 thoughts on “My week end in Edinburgh shining

  1. Viewforth was the home of Sean Connery …
    Looking forward to your tour getting to South Wales, I should be in a church in Cardiff by then and hoping to persuade them to join in 🙂

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