It’s Sunday morning and I’m on the streets in Peterborough wearing a clowns wig and costume (there aren’t any pictures I’m afraid) with a fist full of modeling balloons and a heart full of good intentions to spread some joy.

I’m joined by circus skills and juggler extraordinair Steve Thompson and some willing volunteers to face paint, look after the maze and give out lolly pops. All good fun… Apart from it was a bit cold and quiet on the street. While we were ready to have a right old laugh members of the public it seemed were a tad miserable… And didn’t particularly want to get their faces painted or have a balloon poodle or be entertained by a funny juggler…

Yet, in our debrief afterwards we concluded that the simple message of joy and happiness found in the One who loves us was worth showing despite the coldness.

And for those who did take part, well it was worth our effort in connecting something of the message of good news with those who lingered long enough to experience our attempts to show it.

To be honest even if no-one humored us or took part in our wacky Sunday morning activities I was chuffed even before we started. My son who is 10 joined me and was so excited to help and show something of the message. His job was to patiently help children to the treasure in the golden chest in the middle of the maze. ‘Oh, it’s just a mirror….’ Some children said. I heard my son say, ‘Look again and you will see treasure, someone who God loves very much.’

One thought on “Clowning about on a Sunday morning

  1. Nice one, Chris, I’m sure you looked lovely in the wig! 😉 Seriously, though, keep on stretching the creativity limits in evangelism… otherwise as churches and as a Union, we’ll be too safe, and there was that article in a recent Baptist Times Enews-sweep, about why “Creatively Outrageous Churches will survive”… only we’re not called to do it, just because we want to survive are we?

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