So, the only time I see trees with any regalia and flowers placed upon them is when there has been a tragic untimely loss of life.

For the work that I do as an artist in Chelmsley Wood, part of the Tree of Life creative project I wanted to place material on trees to show that someone lives.

On the run up to Easter I wrapped 6 trees with ‘resurrection’ colours of white, gold and purple. At each one I placed a simple sign declaring ‘He is alive.’ Two lads asked what I was doing. ‘A man died.’ I said. They shook their heads solemnly. ‘But he came back to life.’ They looked surprised. I then explained that I was remembering the Easter story.

In terms of art, I must admit it didn’t look as aesthetically pleasing as I had hoped. Yet there was something striking about the trees I managed to cover. They became a memorial yet cheeky and bold in it’s announcement.

4 thoughts on “He is alive!

  1. Don’t worry about the aesthetically pleasing bit (although as an artist I appreciate that is a concern, I’m speaking as a total non-artist here you understand). The important thing is that in doing this, you connected with something of our culture, the popularity of the roadside memorials to attempt to show grief, express loss etc & transformed it, and in the process provoked questions 🙂
    More of our mission needs to be provocative in its style, in the John 4 style… thanks Chris for another example!

  2. I think the middle picture particularly looks like bandages; a thought which sent me off on a reflection about how your memorial of someone who died and then lived is for the healing of the world…

    Great idea…and the power of it lies not in the beauty of it (although I also understand that you want to achieve that) but in the connection with something resonant in today’s culture and the conversations that provokes.

    Looking forward to meeting you in the East Midlands at the end of May 🙂

  3. Much better than the “wayside pulpits” seen outside nearly every church. ok some make you laugh or even think, but they do not connect like yours Chris.

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