It’s early morning and I’ve just left Chester, the beautiful city where most of The Light Project is based. We have our training centered there, a foundation degree in Theology and Evangelism validated by the University of Chester. Glyn Jones who is the CEO of Chester has an amazing team of creative evangelists working with him.

Our Trustees meeting yesterday was a breath of fresh air. Yes we had plenty of business to get through with plenty on our agenda: financial reports, risk review, the Trustees annual report for the charity commission. Yes we had business to get through like our mileage allowance and both Glyn and I submitted our hefty quarterly reports. Yes we have some amazingly gifted and focused Trustees who are professional in how they govern. Yet in the mix of all of this was prayer and worship, food and laughter. We even made space on the agenda for prayer: We stood around Glyn and two of his team. Geoff who looks after the finances and Gill who is assistant director in Chester and lifted them up to God. Later on in the evening it was my turn for prayer. I was built up and encouraged.

At dinner time we stopped the meeting and went and had a lovely meal in the local pub. While minutes weren’t taken at this part of the meeting it was non-the-less as important as the rest. A time to be brothers and sisters together over food.

Don’t get me wrong. It hasn’t always been roses. Some of the 96 or so Trustees meetings I have been to in the short life of The Light Project have been tense serious affairs. Some have been over-shadowed with worry about finance. Yet yesterdays looooooong meeting seemed to be full of the ingredients that make Trustees meetings work: business with prayer. Agenda items mixed with food and laughter. Faith mixed with wise governance. Love it.

People often think the strength of The Light Project has been in the pioneering projects and training in evangism we’ve somehow set up. The strength is somehow more ‘back room staff’ like. A team of people guiding and governing. I’m grateful.

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