… This blows me away.

When I first visited the city of Peterborough over 4 years ago I stood on some steps and prayed for the city and wondered whether God was calling me to do something in the city.

Today I stood at that exact place where I had first prayed and looked out. This is what I saw: five members of my team!
1. Jess talking with a lady on the bench.
2. David catching up with the street cleaner guys having just offered them a doughnut.
3. Sheila offering free hugs having just spoken and hugged lots of people.
4. First time volunteer Linda having a go at offering free hugs.
5. Nicki was looking after a small art installation offering people words of hope that had been written on stones.

And then me… Just feeling blessed and knowing the hours and days praying for the city and asking God to do something mean something is happening!

When we pray God works.

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