I’m on my way home after being at ‘Sisters of Jesus Way’ in West Kirby on the Wirral Peninsula. I’ve been away from home over the past 5 days. Yep, I’ve missed my family very much, yet I have had such a good time too!

I’ve had a goal to write, and wow, I sure got a lot done but I also wanted to meet with God afresh and love him more and more.

You can’t help but meet with Him at that place. It is such a delightful home with a beautiful rhythm of prayer and rest. Night prayer is at 7pm and most people head off to bed afterwards. Refreshing. On some nights I was asleep 3 hours earlier than I usually get to. It did mean I got up megga early but I just felt so much better for it!

I have been writting about being Big Hearted. The sections on Big Hearted God refreshed me as I wrote and spent time considering what God is like. I spent time contemplating that God is Love. Good and Father.
I do realise how fortunate I am to put dates in the diary where I can escape to a bolt hole and dedicate good time in prayer and writing… If you ever get an opportunity and are looking for a place, I can highly recommend my friends at the sisters. I used to go there regularly when I lived in Chester and didn’t quite realise how much I missed going there.

One thought on “I’ve just been hiding away for 5 days.

  1. Thank you for your sharing which reminds me the solitude, Bible reading and prayer time in the Sisters. The time I spent there was always memorable as I could draw close to Jesus and knelt down before Him and commit myself to Him. Jesus is always good and delighted to draw close to us when we are willing to love Him and follow Him.

    I always want to retreat at the Sisters, but it is not easy to go there as i live and work in Hong KOng. Looking forward to enjoying the retreat life there soon. Jevina

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