Writing about being Big Hearted

This is just a quick post as the last few days I’ve been hiding away and writing lots and lots!

The place I have chosen as a bolt hole for a week is one of these ‘thin places’ which I used to venture regularly but haven’t been here for years! The ‘thin’ refers to the space between here and heaven, rather than my waist size by the way… The sisters who run this retreat centre serve beautiful simple meals.

I’ve been writing on being Big Hearted. Wow, I’m loving it. It has been full of joy and adventure. After joining the sisters for morning prayer I have breakfast. I then pray and write for what feels like 30minutes then all of a sudden it’s lunch time. I then sit and pray and write again and the afternoon whizzes by! Then it’s one of their special teas which always have a bread and jam element to it! We then have night prayers together and everyone goes to bed megga early. I spend time meditating, writing, reading and seeking God for what he want’s me to communicate in my new book which is also written by Simon Goddard. His section on Big Hearted Church is just beautifully written. Inspired.

I can’t wait to have it all finished and get it out there! It’s in 3 sections, big hearted God, big hearted church and big hearted evangelism. Lots of stories and provocative thoughts to help us become even more big hearted.

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  1. Sounds a great book and worth a read. I hope it’ll be on Kindle? Looking forward to the post saying it’s out there.

    1. Chris says:

      Thanks! Yep- should be on Kindle…

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