I’ve got an early morning journey to Birmingham where I will be working all day offering training in: ‘Confidence to share your faith…’ I am all prepared and ready to roll so I’ve got a spare hour to reflect and pray. I suppose I struggle to work on Saturdays if I’m honest. Most are Sabbath with the family, so the ones I work, while being full of adventure and fun miss out on the joy of taking my daughter to balet in Cambridge, chilling at home, playing games or going out and about.

Yet as I reflect on my week I think about the variety of it. I’m privileged in what I do. I really am.

Sunday: a day off, snow trapped us in for most of the day and we chilled by a roaring fire. In the evening I enjoyed a couple of pints down the pub with a friend from round the corner. We learn from each other, I about Natural History, birds, butterfly’s and flora and he about the Christian faith.
Monday: I worked as an artist part of the Tree of Life project in Chelmsley Wood, engaging with people creatively. I spent time making a display of a sculpture I had made as well as getting very messy creating a huge painting of a hand leaving a gift of healing balm.
Tuesday: I was in London, Spurgeon’s College. What an amazing place! I spoke at their chapel time and afterwards spent an hour presenting my heart for the Presidency this year. I then spent time with the students talking and sharing stories. Great fun- and wow, some of the students decided to go and do something out and about in the community. Wednesday: I worked from home, emails and preperation for training days and a youth camp I’m speaking at next week with Peterborough schools and youth organisation CROPS. I also had physiotherapy for my back, which is getting so much better, thankfully.
Thursday: I worked at Ridley Hall all day, an Anglican training college in Cambridge. I have lectured the pioneer ministers before but on this occasion I hid away in my best friends study to write and plan and joined the students for lunch, tea and cake and more tea… and also spent some good time praying with my aforementioned buddy, Jon Philips. In the evening an old friend from Chester, Brian Dacre, called in and stayed over. Great time catching up!
Friday: instead of my usual day on the streets of Peterborough as city centre chaplain I spent the morning in Stoke speaking on live radio with Paul Hammond at UCB. We had fun and I was able to talk about the work of The Light Project. On the way up I spoke with a guy on the train all the way from London to Stoke. He asked me lots of questions and I in turn asked him what was stopping him becoming a follower of Jesus. There were some painful answers from him, I learned a great deal. He had some hard stories to share of church leaders living double lives. ‘I couldn’t follow them as I wouldn’t do what they do…’ He shared. In the evening I was able to chill and Ruth and I had a lovely dinner.

So, now today. A Training day invited by New Life Baptist church in Kings Hedges. My prayer is that we will meet with Jesus and then have the honour of introducing him to those who have yet to connect with him and the good news.

2 thoughts on “So, Im sitting on the train thinking about my week…

  1. Praying for strength and joy for you today, took some of our interns out on thur and they sat with “I will listen” signs in various cafes around the university, inspired by your talk on tue at college. Bring it on Jesus!

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