I have just spent a day with ten lovely people from New Life Baptist Church in Kings Heath, Birmingham. All 10 surprised me with their willingness to engage with the days training. Lots of enthusiasm.

Typically to any training I offer there were opportunities to go and put it into practice. After an hour of teaching and activities looking at having confidence in the good news I then sent the teams off with an empty tray and £5. The objective to buy something to give away and see what people thought, and what they asked.

The 3 groups chose three different things, hot sausage and cheese and onion rolls, a tray full of different goodies and a tray with some posh sweets and chocolates. They offered them out and about and while only a small percentage of people asked ‘why’ they were giving things away for free some people did ask non-the-less.

In the afternoon I taught on how we can connect the message of Jesus with people by being creative and a little daring.

I spoke about the creative projects I do and then introduced the idea of treasure hunting. Much to my surprise most of the 10 wanted to then have a go doing treasure hunting, instead of the creative projects I had set for them. I joined 2 teams out there and we met loads of people while seeking our treasure. Including a lady right at the end who after we prayed for her declared, ‘thank you for stopping me, I needed that.’ Truly humbling.

The 10 members of the church who went through the training have encouraged me. Why? 1. They are going to carry on doing outreach in their community. 2. They were willing to have a go with the things that terrified them the most, the prophetic evangelism opportunity was the one where most people felt out of their depth. 3. While it was a training day they still regarded and loved people in their community so well. It was a long day, yet I am encouraged to think of these 10 people passing it on to others.

Most people around us don’t have a clue about the good news of Jesus. We need an urgency in our faith sharing.

One thought on “Confidence to share your faith

  1. There have been some great training programmes for faith-sharing, from Evangelism Explosion to The Jesus Video project etc, in the past, however, if anything that has re-inforced the “it’s only for the keen, gifted, mad etc” idea, but you’re right Chris, the whole church needs to understand that it is primarily about the right attitude, gentleness & respect, (1 Peter), and confidence.
    Yes, there are those who are spiritually gifted for evangelism, but there needs to be a greater openness… (enough of rant :-))

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