Story telling at Spurgeon’s college

I spent this morning at Spurgeons college. I spoke at the chapel time with all staff and students on the story of Abraham and his offer to the Three guests to fetch water so they could wash their feet and also for them to have some bread and meat.

My talk was simple. I spoke on the verse when the Lord said, ‘do as you say…’ But then he doesn’t! He doesn’t bring the water to wash the feet of his guests.

I challenged the college to think about the promises they make and whether they keep them… With the good news that we really do have the resources to fulfill our promises.

I shared stories from my life experience… Some funny ones in the mix, and afterwards a student shared how surprised he was that I had spoken on just one verse, yet how it had challenged him non-the-less.

I wanted to gently provoke the community at Spurgeon’s to do more and to be active in sharing their faith.

I was a guest there due to the upcoming presidency of the Baptist Union. What an opportunity though to share my heart for letting others ‘in’ on what it means to be a Christian. I look forward to more of these kind of appointments!

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  1. andygoodliff says:

    Chris there is some similarity between you and old charles … grow that beard a bit more!

  2. Pete Evens says:

    We enjoyed having you! The stories you’ve told on video were even better live! I look forward to spending more time imagining possibilities in Crowthorne later in the year.

    We’ll have to get you sitting on Martin’s leather sofa. I had the last visiting Pres sit on it for an interview on a Sun am.

    Have a fun year.

    Pete Evens

  3. Ben Hudd says:

    Hi Chris, inspiring stuff on tuesday. Off out tomorrow with some of our young adults and hope to try out some of your ideas! I’ll give you a ring from the cells 😉

    1. Chris says:

      Brilliant! Let me know what you will do!

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