I’m artist in residence for ‘The tree of life’ project based in Chelmsley Wood, an inner city estate. Tree of life is a project aimed at demonstrating the good news of Jesus in a genuine and catch free way. The hope is that through the project people may connect and engage with God.

Today I made a display of pictures of the sculpture I made with around 30 people. 

 The concept ‘Despite my brokeness my life overflows’ seems to connect with people who look at the pictures. 

Today I had such joy painting… I haven’t done so for ages and went for it with acrylics, large brush and a canvas 6 foot by 3 foot. 

I am pleased with the result that shows the giving of a gift. I believe that Jesus wants to give a gift of his healing balm to those who are part of Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church, for the broken, battered and bruised who they reach out so beautifully.

This picture symbolizes the giving of that gift. 

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