I love my job, I really do. No day seems to be the same and it just keeps on getting even more vibrant and slightly crazy! Take yesterday for example, here’s a sketchy overview of what I got up to:

8.15am- head to Peterborough. Prepare and pray for the day ahead.
9:30am- meet some volunteers, three women who have taken time off work to be part of the team being chaplains in the city. I go through the days program with them.
10am- Lead a training session on Treasure Hunting for a group of YWAM students from Argentina plus my volunteers… Lots of practical practicing and having a go in the prophetic. For some of the Argentines they receive some prophetic words. They seem well chuffed.
11.30am- I join one of the 5 teams heading out into the city to find our treasure. Hearts are pounding… It’s scary but we meet loads of people.
12.30- Feedback time. It’s been a ball ‘out there’ and treasure has been found!
1pm- Street performance with the YWAM team. We talk with some of those watching the songs in Spanish and some of the drama. “They’ve got balls to do that” one lad says. We talk about faith for a bit.
2pm- YWAM team go and volunteers join me on our regular ‘point of contact’ out in the city. Today we’re offering free hugs, free fruit, and opportunities for people to talk if they need.
3pm- I sit for a while and listen to a guy who needs to talk about how he feels after splitting up with his girlfriend… He hasn’t had anyone to talk to for months and has felt sad.
3.30pm- the team have prayed for a few people, had fun, hugged lots and lots, given away around 80 pieces of fruit.
4pm- I’m waiting on a step in the cold for a couple who want to buy a sleeping bag for a guy on the streets and want me to pass it on. It’s getting cold and this kind gift will be needed…
4.10pm- with new sleeping bag in hand I join the debrief of the team. We pray for those we have met as well as for each other.
4.30 I look for the guy whose sleeping bag I have for him… Can’t find him anywhere!
5pm: I call in at one of the shops we went in on our treasure hunt… But they’ve closed… So I keep looking for the guy who is homeless. I walk back to where he usually hangs out. No joy.
5.45pm- I give up looking for the guy and head home…

What a beauty of a day.

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