I’ve finally created a web site to collect people’s tattoo’s stories. It’s a simple thing really, with the hope of listening to people’s stories and encouraging them that they are valued and known by God.

People are loved and loved by God and as I spend a great deal of time listening to people, I somehow wanted to take a step in going to those who are the least reached with the best news this world has been graced with.

Here is the link: www.tattoostory.org 


While my intention isn’t to create a new evangelistic methodology and ‘thing’ the whole process of listening to people is good news. Over 16 years as serving as an evangelist I have found that the more I listen and value people the more opportunities I have to share the message of Jesus, yes through words, but also through presence and showing something of the good news through how I regard and love people.

One of the most powerful street evangelism days i have had was to set up a settee and simply say ‘I will listen.’ I found plenty of people willing to talk and who needed to unload something of their lives. Afterwards people wanted to know what motivated me to spend a day listening to people.

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