I nearly cried yesterday, but managed to keep it together as the story unfolded. Sheila was talking in the debrief and explaining why she had spent a large part of the afternoon talking and praying with a man whom she had just hugged.

Sheila explained that she had hugged a man who then came back to her and asked if he could talk. The reason he wanted to talk was because the previous week he had received a ‘free hug’ from Sheila where he experienced tangible peace flowing into him.

The same happened this week. Peace poured into him as he received a hug. He just couldn’t ignore this and needed to know what was happening.

So, he wanted to talk about a burden he had been carrying, could this burden possibly be taken from him, he wondered. He hadn’t been able to share his burden with anyone before, and he just felt compelled to confess something in his life that he felt guilty about.

After a while they prayed together and this man experienced the burden literally lifting from him.

It is such an honor to have Sheila work as part of my Chaplaincy team. It is a privilege to see the Holy Spirit use her and reach out to those around her. We’re celebrating Sheila’s 70th birthday in two weeks time. What an example to those who have ‘retired’ to still be used by God in any way.

2 thoughts on “Passing on peace through a hug

  1. Agree with that comment, shared this story as the conclusion in my Christmas Day message, which was a simple thought which is not very very original, starting with the “borrowed” manger, following Jesus’ life through, borrowed boat, packed lunch, donkey, room, tomb etc… finishing with the challenge that Jesus is still wanting to borrow…
    so, thanks Chris D

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