Sunday morning and I’m on the streets with 3 other helpers from local churches… We’re standing dressed as security guards around an empty cot. That’s it.

As people asked what we were doing, we found ourselves saying:

“We are waiting for the birth of a king!”
“There’s a baby going to be born soon!”
“The king is coming.”
“Apparently there’s a king going to be born soon.”

People looked and tried to figure out the strange sight… If people wanted we offered booklets of the nativity story.

On a number of occasions being observed what we were doing and then said, “arh, I get it…”

Nearby on a small table we offered crafts of making a crown, for children to make and then hang up on their Christmas tree.

2 thoughts on ““What are you three doing guarding that empty cot?”

  1. What a wonderful idea, we used your idea of the sofa well cosy chairs actually last Easter and had a gazebo for children’s crafts all based on Easter, we handed out tracts and choc eggs.
    We are now gearing up for Christmas so I will be looking out for a cot!!!
    Sylvia (Ruddington Baptist)

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