I’ve just been busy giving out free mince pies and offering free Christmas card making too, chilled. Not just in the temperature but in the approach…

We asked Asda if we could do something for the community and this small gesture in Chelmsley Wood in Birmingham went down well. Really well.

I only had two volunteers throughout the morning, yet between us we managed to share with people something of the gift of Jesus, and our free gifts were a simple reminder of this outrageous ultimate one at that first Christmas.

I did not meet one person out of the hundreds who responded to this news in any negative way. On the contrary, people seemed to go out of their way to express their thanks for the reminder of what Christmas was truly all about. Somehow it seemed fitting to stand with a small humble stall with a tray of mince pies offered for free, outside a massive supermarket with all the bling, gifts and shopping.

Our small offering seemed as a drop in the ocean of all the commercialism. Yet as I did this for a few hours today a thought came to me, what if every church in the UK was brazen enough to offer a small reminder of grace poured out, what could happen? What impact upon the people of this nation, upon our friends and family, could we make if we were willing to show and tell something of the Christmas story?



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One thought on “Sunday morning and I’m busy… at ASDA’s

  1. I suggested that we handed out bars of choclates to the houses around the church as a Christmas gift. I was even prepared to supply the chocolate. The leadership said that it would be like encouraging children to accept gifts from strangers and refused to sanction the idea. I was also told that we were not allowed to tell them that we would pray for them because. of what the minister had read in the paper. Sometimes the members catch the vision but the leaders are too busy being frightened that the members cannot go forwards. This is one reason why for other projects I want to see come to fruitition I have set up a legal structure that is separate from the church.

    It did not help that the same day I had read how Daniel had prayed one day and ended up in a lion’s den. I had also watched a secular video about how the best way to dilute negative media messages was to add positive ones. Rather than challenge them I took some yellow balls to bible study. They laughed at my demonstration using a pet toy. I had bought it after the Lord had showed me that I had a soft ball in me. A soft ball that had been squashed so much that it had gone out of shape. James reminds us to resist evil and he will flee. This toy was soft and squashy and never made a squeak while it became a play thing of the devil. When they remebered my history of being abused by a mentally ill ex-husband they stopped laughing. I know from experience the damage that can be done by not resisting negaitve behaviour and attitudes.

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