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I’ve spent the day with a small team from Bethel Baptist Church in Whitchurch near Cardiff. We wanted to connect with people something of the Christmas message, something earthy about it and real, the story of a dad who left his only Son on this earth as a gift.

The concept was the idea of Jonathan Vaughn- Davies, one of the ministers at Bethel. He wanted to ask the question- ‘would you leave your child here? Meet the father who did.’

We also had a tongue in cheek sign that declared ‘free child care cover’ hung over a crude looking manger. People looked at it and some connected with the idea. A few people, after looking at the scene and assessing the meaning then made a point of talking to us and thanking us for sharing the Christmas story.

We also gave away plenty of mince pies, chocolate coins and I did ‘free hugs!’

It is the best feeling to ‘go’ and do something in letting others ‘in’ on the true meaning of Christmas.






One thought on ““Would you leave your child here?”

  1. Thank you, Chris for another provocative idea, one that will cause people to stop & think.
    After all, it was shocking, humbling and yet wonderfully amzing that God would leave His Son with us, let’s not forget it…

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