“Would you leave your child here?”

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I’ve spent the day with a small team from Bethel Baptist Church in Whitchurch near Cardiff. We wanted to connect with people something of the Christmas message, something earthy about it and real, the story of a dad who left his only Son on this earth as a gift.

The concept was the idea of Jonathan Vaughn- Davies, one of the ministers at Bethel. He wanted to ask the question- ‘would you leave your child here? Meet the father who did.’

We also had a tongue in cheek sign that declared ‘free child care cover’ hung over a crude looking manger. People looked at it and some connected with the idea. A few people, after looking at the scene and assessing the meaning then made a point of talking to us and thanking us for sharing the Christmas story.

We also gave away plenty of mince pies, chocolate coins and I did ‘free hugs!’

It is the best feeling to ‘go’ and do something in letting others ‘in’ on the true meaning of Christmas.






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  1. Steve says:

    Thank you, Chris for another provocative idea, one that will cause people to stop & think.
    After all, it was shocking, humbling and yet wonderfully amzing that God would leave His Son with us, let’s not forget it…

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