I’ve just spent Sunday morning with the delightful people of Mughull Baptist Church. Most of the ‘service’ included a challenge to go with an opportunity to do something there and then!

I had activities for 15 teams which included placing gifts for people to find (little baby Jesus’!) free mince pies and prayer and offering Advent gifts. There were also people who went out prayer walking for their community.

People looked slightly nervous, but once we got out there we had fun! Especially the children and young people who took part, whom on giving gifts were given chocolates from shop keepers and workers in return!

Between us all we met a couple of hundred people. 150 mince pies were given as well as 30 tea-light gifts and also literature about the Christmas story. Long lists of prayer requests were shared, including asking for prayer for grand-children and for families health. Most people were happy to respond to our offer to pray.

I was amazed as to how the people, although rather nervous, managed to go out and gently show something of the good news through their actions and simple words about their faith.

After doing some feedback with everyone who had gone out, a little girl handed me a card with a simple message. She had done something to show her faith out in her community with her family and in turn had grown. I’m encouraged.

Oh, and it seems as if this is only the start of ‘going’ to show and tell the good news. Plans are already afoot to have another Sunday like it soon.

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