Having had the joy of a few grueling Church Business Meetings in my time I anticipated that council would be similar, only much much longer. With a bit more gruel.

I prepped myself with my favorite cinnamon sweets, a thorough talking to about sitting still and paying attention, but with permission to draw and doodle. (It really helps me concentrate you know…) So what did I find?

What I found blessed my socks off. I joined a vibrant community of people seeking God and the way forward for us as a union. There was a sense of change and adventure. I must admit, while the style of worship and prayer interspersed throughout the meetings was different to my dancing and swinging from the chandeliers tradition and I didn’t know any of the songs we sang, I still loved it and found meeting with God in different ways just so good.

Yes there were times I didn’t get the lingo and manner of voting; yet as brothers and sisters in Christ, that didn’t seem to matter much.

I loved the group discussions and working through questions. Megga conducive to seeking God together and hearing His voice through one another too. One group that I led on discussing the spirituality of mission started with a few minutes silence. One regional minister had a ‘picture’ in this time and later on shared it at an opportune moment later in the main council meeting. Powerful stuff.

The other ‘bits’ surrounding the meetings were even more so vibrant. In the bar talking through my Big Hearted Tour next year or grabbing a room and praying with others. So good.

I carefully collated my doodles from my time on council.

I do feel our heavenly dad has his hand on us and is leading us beside still waters to restore us. There’s a fresh breath of the Spirit upon us. Thank you God.

2 thoughts on “My first Baptist Union council meeting

  1. Excellent Chris! I love the doodles, but so, so pleased to hear about the fresh breath of the Spirit. There seems to be a lot of that going on right now, in many places and in many kinds of meeting. It is, I think, very significant indeed.

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