I must admit, I was gutted when it happened. ALL the pots that I had made with different people all day had cracked or broken when drying and getting ready for firing. The first thought that came to me was, ‘I have to fix them all…’ However not having a spare few days at hand I then thought, I’m just going to fire them and use what I have got.

I am so grateful that I did.

Not only do the pots look beautiful, fragile, somewhat mystical together, they also symbolize something of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. The thought keeps coming to me as I look at them: ‘Despite being broken, my life overflows.’ You see the cups I meant to make were supposed to be water-tight and filled with water to show the overflow we can have from God; the point being our cup doesn’t need to be half  empty or half full. Psalm 23 declares that it over-spills, ‘my cup runneth over’ as the King James version puts it. Or ‘my cup brims with blessing’ as The Message puts it. 

The sculpture was somewhat more poignant as I set it up with the help of some members of Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church when we heard news of a murder the previous evening. The community is broken and in need of blessing that brims over. We spoke to a few people about having a life, not of pessimism or optimism, but rather one of overflowing with something that is ‘other’ and beyond our own resources. Gushing over with the Spirit of God. 

Anyway, here is a slide show of the finished sculpture. The title is: ‘despite my brokenness my life overflows.’ 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3 thoughts on “Broken Pots- part 2 (Despite my brokenness my life overflows.)

  1. It’s so wonderful hearing the story of Chelmsley being told like it is. I felt for such a long time that we were trying to look past the brokenness and difficult times for something good, rather than embracing and working with the mess and finding God in that. Thank you for doing this work, thank you for building up CWBC and thanks for telling their story. This is beautiful.

  2. As others have said there’s good God stuff going on here… two thoughts that come to mind..
    1) A story I’ve used before of a man carrying water with two pots, one of which leaks, and this pot when it complains to the water carrier points out that he knew about the leaks, and had planted seeds on this side, and now there were flowers (well that’s the very basic summary)
    2) One of my favourite titles for Jesus is the Nouwen title, “The Wounded Healer”

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