Broken pots

I work as ‘artist in residence’ for a Baptist Church in Chelmsley Wood near Birmingham. I’ve done different art projects which have created opportunities to connect with people through talking and experiencing something of the Christian faith while engaging in or observing the different art projects. Be that painting a community picture, building a sculpture, or reacting to some of my wacky ideas which I parade around public spaces.

Currently I’m working on a sculpture based on the idea ‘is your glass half full or half empty?- it doesn’t have to be iether, it can be overflowing. (Reference to Psalm 23, “my cup overflows.”) Part of this process of making a sculpture was to encourage as many people as possible to make a pot. I reckon around 20 people joined in and made at least one, some two or three. I took the pots home and dried them out ready for putting in the kiln… Only when I came to put them in the kiln EVERY single one of them had cracked or completely broken.

At first I panicked! “What do I do with this lot!?” I thought. As I carefully removed each one from the molds I unraveled delicate beautiful patterns and fragile shapes. I kept thinking… My life overflows despite being broken and battered. Despite my fragility. Despite my doubts and heart ache. Despite my weaknesses. Despite my sinfulness. I am broken and fragile and my life pours out goodness, it overflows with the rich whole life of Jesus. Despite yet because of my brokeness.

The pots were meant to be whole and contain water for the sculpture. Non will, yet I feel this is an apt symbolism to the sculpture.

Watch this space to see how it turns out.

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  1. Even broken pots are precious, Chris. And you are right about their beauty, your photo makes that clear. They remind me of glorious flowers, every one unique yet all following the same pattern.

    Thanks for sharing the story.

    Your pot story reminded me of two others…

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