I have just finished teaching a 3 evening course with a small bunch of baptists on evangelism. I’ve had a ball. The course was called ‘Brighter- helping you to shine’ and covered 6 sessions:

•Introduction to course.
•What is this dreaded e word all about?
•Our stories
•Creative ways to pass it on
•What’s so good about good news?
•Power to go!  

Part of the process was teasing out their story as well as the gospel story, and in their own words having confidence to talk to others about what they believe without delivering a speech, pitch or patter. 

The group surprised me with their stories, and on one evening we heard 6 stories from the group which had such powerful accounts of rescuing in the midst of helplessness and heartache. Blew me away. Even one person put his story to juggling! 

To build up to their ‘testimony’ they did something called the ‘6 word story.’ It’s a sound bite of something of their story. This is what the group came up with: 

  • Not for me, but it is!
  • Too busy, heart opened, have peace.
  • Always knew, didn’t understand, now fulfilled.
  • Atheist, agnostic, believer, now at peace.
  • Independent and lonely, broken then reborn.
  • Jesus far away, now he’s close.
  • Helped me to have tolerance and compassion for all.
  • Godly parents, rebelled, disobedient, now His.
  • Hurt and alone, at peace again.
  • Found by Jesus, full life expanded.
  • Cleansed burdens lifted, grateful and empowered.
  • Rejected, unloved, found Jesus, love, hope.
  • Muddled through, found Jesus started life.
  • Taught stories early, revelation, teach others.
  • Christian home, personal commitment, God’s faithfulness.
  • Became a Juggler, grew in faith.
  • Heard often, suddenly enlightened, joy full.
  • Self-centered, now outgoing and sharing.

As a group, they also listed what they considered to be the good things about being a Christian: 

  1. Being loved unconditionally
  2. Healing
  3. New start
  4. Security in knowing I’m going to heaven
  5. Never feel completely alone
  6. Forgiveness
  7. Acceptance of myself because God loves me
  8. To be able to share God’s love
  9. Not afraid of death
  10. The joy of knowing Jesus
  11. To be loved whatever my faults or past life
  12. Strength and power of The Spirit
  13. Gift of self control
  14. Trust in prayer
  15. I know where I am ultimately going
  16. Christian fellowship
  17. To be able to hand my burdens over
  18. Recognise other Christians
  19. Supported by my Church family
  20. Less worry about family discord
  21. Understand and celebrate God’s world
  22. Spiritual gifts
  23. Joy and peace
  24. Excitement about the future
  25. Being blessed by children
  26. Never alone because Jesus is there
  27. Faith
  28. Feeling on the right wave length in my life
  29. Security
  30. To know that I am truly loved
  31. Confidence in decision making
  32. Kept out of trouble
  33. Provision of all my needs

It has been a delight to teach this small group of people who are willing to let ‘others in’ on what they have and seek to shine brighter with Jesus. 

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