My name is saviour
You see, that’s what I do,
I scoop up, brush down, get in, get out
make all things kinda’ new.
My name is saviour,
It’s my role, my very being,
I change the foul to the fresh,
Place healing balm into wounds,
And those blind into seeing.


My name is saviour,
It’s the name anyone who desires sorting, will unashamedly call,
It’s in my heart to save,
Rescue those whose names are ‘no one’
Fragile, laughed at, placing clean royal garments on all
My name is saviour,
Not a bits and bobs kind of one,
Saviour of the cosmos, whole flippin’ lot,
Through me, because of me, in me,
I save, for that is who I am.

A Poem (c)  Chris Duffett

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